jen_balloon Private Lessons:
Private lessons will consist of the teacher listening and directing with light hands work in situations such as sitting in a chair, walking, standing and laying on a table. The first lesson is 60 minutes and will include an intake form and discussion. If you are curious I encourage you to book an introductory lesson. To retain enough information that will begin to make changes it is advised to have a minimum of six lessons close to each other in time. See this article in the British Medical Journal for more information on private lessons as well as a combination of lessons and exercise. I can use my training and certifications in dance and personal training to create a safe movement practice for the student to employ their new mental and physical patterns. I also share relevant articles or images to take home in support of our work in the office.

Introductory lesson 1 Hour: $85

50 minutes: $75

at student’s home or studio: TBD

What to Wear: We are looking at how we use ourselves in our daily lives so wear your everyday clothes. It is suggested to refrain from wearing shorter skirts for table work.

I teach classes or workshops at yoga studios, dance schools, universities, public schools or anywhere that has the space for many students and the desire to educate them in the optimal use of themselves through the Alexander Technique.

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